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Fractale Framboise (literally: Raspberry Fractal) is a group blog from three young French-Canadians writers. Fractale Framboise aims to be a daily magazine of interesting content on science, society, culture, technology, fact… and fiction.

The authors of Fractale Framboise are…

  • Eric Gauthier: (Montréal) A full-time writer and storyteller, an enthusiastic practictioner of the weird tale, whether on paper or on stage. In 2000, he won the Grand Prix de la science-fiction et du fantastique québécois for his first short tales collection Terre des Pigeons (Planète Rebelle).
  • Christian Sauvé: (Ottawa) An avid reader with critical energy to spare, he works as a computer specialist for the Canadian federal public service. Film columnist for revue Alibis, his byline also often appears in revue Solaris.
  • Laurine Spehner: (Longueuil) Designer, writer and illustrator, she maintains web sites, reviews books and illustrates mass-market book covers. She is the co-author of the essay « Radiographie d’une série culte: The X-Files » (Alire, 1999), along with Alain Bergeron.

Fractale Framboise won a Prix Aurora Award in 2007 in the « Fan Achievement (Other) / Accomplissement fanique (autre) » category.

Fluently bilingual, the authors of Fractale Framboise may choose to blog in French, but they’re more than ready to answer your questions in English. Leave a comment on the post that interests you, or contact us directly using the handy form below.

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